I have been in the construction industry working either direct for another company or in business for myself for over 35 years and in that time have seen everything the construction industry does through one project or another giving me a wealth of experience in all forms of building work. 

I started in the industry working with my father George who owned his own company and got me into the idea of woodworking, I worked with him on sites he ran while getting through college to earn my city and guilds qualification and after that left to work on my own for a small family company. while working for them I worked on small housing developments to get as much experience as possible. During the late 1970's and early 1980's I worked on several major housing modernisation projects for Birmingham city council while also working on other housing developments for the same company, at this time i also worked doing factory maintainance  including Fort Dunlop and I.M.I Witton, office fitting is something i also gained valuable experience in. 

In the early 1990's I started my own company and during this time and completed work predominantly for Staffordshire county council and Solihull MBC and Litchfield housing association which included school's and housing for the most part with small jobs in other area's. During this time other contract's came through such as Whittington Barracks, Iitchfield at which elements of the Staffordshire regiment were based, at the time there was also a contract with Hanover housing in Cambridge and Accord housing who provided us work in the entire Birmingham area. At this point my partner in the company decided to move abroad and so this company got wound down to concentrate on smaller more central projects like private renovation work and other private work as i have been doing throughout the entire of my career. 

At this point in time and throughout the 2000's I have been concentrating on private work and smaller scale project's but am in regular contact with housing associations and other building contractor's. At this point in time Jones carpentry is available to tender for private or commercial work including contract's for housing or mainainance.

-Graham Jones.  

Owner Graham Jones.